A lot has really changed, somewhat?

It is almost my 1 year workaversary with my current job and I can’t wait until fall comes around the corner! I recently moved to my new apartment and have been given more responsibilities at work so time seems like its flying a lot quicker compared to when I first started my full-time career.

This past year, I got to travel to London (which was amazing!! See my travel videos to get a taste of my adventures) and it was such a memorable trip. Not only because of the location, but because it was also a historic time for the United Kingdom due to Brexit. I am excited to say that my next big destination has been confirmed and I cannot wait to go to Ireland in January! More to come regarding that adventure, but nonetheless I am still overly excited to travel with my travel buddies to this foreign place!

Even though a lot has passed and more things have been planned for the future, my current state is still relatively the same. That statement isn’t necessarily good or bad but just alright. I am grateful for what I have and the people that I have met, so life is good. Let’s see what comes around the corner…


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