A few months ago my boss told me that I had an “old soul in a young body”. I chuckled at that comment at first, but then it really started to become obvious to me that it was quite true. I was never really the one to become the risk taker or the one to really take action first. Instead, I would find my comfort zone and cruise from there. Is it because I just wanted a sense of security for my own sake and it’s just a part of my personality? Or, is it perhaps because of the way I was raised and those expectations, I feel I have to uphold no matter what? Even I cannot quite answer that question anymore because it has ultimately affected the way I act daily.

Truthfully, I am tired of bottling up what I really want to do or how I really feel. Maybe it’s really time to slowly step out of my imaginary shell and enter into the real world of true expressions, actions, and intentions.

I am trying to crack my own security.



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