Fast Forward

It has been a little over 3 months since my last post and my time has just been preoccupied with countless things! Where do I even begin…

October. It was a month filled with APPLES! It was relaxing and rather “homey” to be able to go apple picking with my family and friends during the weekend. It was amazing to see the “korean duo” in action picking apples. haha. We also succeeded with being able to split apples perfectly in half with our bare hands! hehe. This month was also filled with trips back to JMU to attend the halloween charity formal (I finally fulfilled my halloween goal of dressing up like kiki from kiki’s delivery service) and to practice with my football ladies for the upcoming Turkey Bowl Tournament. I also got to attend my first homecoming as a new alum and it wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t go with my crazy good friend. All in all, October went be pretty quick and it definitely felt like I never graduated since I visited so often!

November. A lot of family time but I don’t have any complaints. 🙂 On the first weekend, I was overly excited to help plan and decorate my cousin’s daughter’s 1st month party. I literally pinterested out the venue with decor and I’m glad everything worked out well! The following weekend, I of course, returned back to JMU to see the culture show. It was weird sitting in the audience at first, however I was truly amazed at the show that they pulled off. Not that I didn’t think it would be good or anything like that, but I came to the realization at that point. The whole production is almost completely student run. They put in so much time and effort into a show and I feel like audiences may not realize the work behind it all. You really have to be in one yourself before you truly understand. It was great seeing old friends and the “freshies” growing up. Next came Thanksgiving. Food. Just a lot of food as always. But I am grateful that my relatives always come together and enjoy each others company. Family bonding times are irreplaceable and I would never exchange that time for anything else. Lastly, to end the month was Turkey Bowl. It was definitely the craziest tournament for our team this year (But then again, this was only my second tourny). We lost all of our preliminary games, however we managed to make it to finals in the end. Even though we lost, I still think our team pulled through even though we had the weirdest conditions and happenings. I can’t wait to see the team get stronger and fiercer for the next tournament on our home turf.

December. A lot of time was spent in the car/driving.  haha. Throughout the month, I went to a variety of concerts. First was 3lau, or should I say 3lauless. Then I went to a Trans-Siberian orchestra concert. And then lastly, I went to Jingle Ball, which featured a lot of pop artists. All of them were good times and I definitely think the people I go with really make the moments the best. Towards the end of the month, our (my friend’s and I) trip to Florida had finally come! We were stoked to take a road trip down there to visit a good friend and to eat a lot of good food. And of course we went to Disney and we all wore plaid & had engraved hats! oh yes, we were definitely the cool kids on the block. To end the month, my cousins and I had a christmas potluck/secret santa exchange. It was the warmest christment yet with it being 78 degrees outside. At that point, it didn’t really feel like Christmas yet, but the festivities continued! It was great seeing my family again and my best friend from home as well. We’ve been friends for 11+ years now and I am grateful for her always being there for me. She really is my bffl.

January. It is just the start. 2016. I went to my first New Years Party and i’m not too sure how I felt about it. It was the first New Years away from my family and a part of me kept thinking about it the whole night. But alas, I cheered to the new year with friends and strangers(but oh my gosh there was such a weird creeper at the party, blehhh). But anyways, yes, I did die that night and the next morning, buttttt that didn’t stop me! I was determined to spend the actual New Years Day with my second mum up in Maryland. So, I mustered myself up, had a bowl of pho, and started driving. Spending time up there with my cousins was really relaxing and we cooked so much delicious, mouth watering food! I missed bonding with them like that and it had been a while since I was last at their house. We literally watched Korean Dramas all day and cooked. I couldn’t have asked for a happier start to the new year.

Oh I forgot to mention work. It’s going alright. I am though, excited to see my website project coming to an end! I wonder what will come next.


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