This past weekend was filled with the unexpected.

The weekend started off with a couple of friends coming into town for a wedding. Initially, I was not going to go to the wedding because, I didn’t really know the couple, however with some unexpected turn of events, I became a backup photographer for the first half. It was definitely an experience taking photographs for people I wasn’t familiar with, but I was overjoyed because weddings are always so lively. The sight of people coming together, blooming flowers, and the warm atmosphere was very welcoming. I had a great time taking pictures during my time there, however their paid photographer was a little rude. I understand that it’s their business, however you can’t just stop another person from taking pictures at a wedding or tell them where they can and cant be. I’ll just leave it at that because it was just an unnecessary moment that had happen during a happy occasion. Anyways, I hope the bride & groom liked the photos I took! The lighting was a little bit weird, but I think overall, the photos were decent. 🙂

For the next day, we decided to make a spontaneous day trip to Richmond. We weren’t exactly looking for anything particular to do, however we managed to end up at the UCI road world championships. It was crazy to see the turn out of the event and the cyclists were amazing! I’m actually pretty glad my friend drove us there to explore. Thereafter, we went to ttlounge in carytown for some good bubble tea. It was overall a relaxing day and I’m glad I got to have a heart to heart with one of my older sister-like friends during the road trip back. I wish we all lived in the same city again.

OH ALSO. My cousin had finally given birth to her adorable daughter! All of my relatives were beyond happy and excited to hear the wonderful news. I cannot wait to meet her & I am ready to pinch some cheeks! haha.

also also. yesterday was also the mid autmn festial/fullmoon/bloodmoon day. Even though it was cloudy at my location, I was amazed by all of the photos. It was definitely a sight to see, but it was alright that I missed out because…

my weekend was spectacular.


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