It really has been one heck of a week and I cannot believe that it’s over! Where do I even start…

Work. I really cannot complain about my job, because my boss and co-workers are all wonderful individuals that I have known since my internship last year. They are all very sweet and I cannot believe how welcoming and warm they were when I came back to the department. However, I do hope my work will become more challenging in the future because currently, I have been working on projects that require more repetition rather than critical thinking. But as I think more closely about this, I try to justify it by trying to convince myself that I shouldn’t “bite off more than I can chew”. Instead of rushing, it would be better to slowly learn for the time being and reevaluate my abilities and knowledge after a few months to see where I truly stand.

After starting work, I have come to fully realize that I am currently stuck in a weird transition from being a college student to becoming a young adult. It also doesn’t help that I am working in another college town and instead of feeling homesick, I am actually feeling “college-sick”.  Since I am no longer a student, I cannot really (or more like i’d be weird) attend student organization events around this area. On the other hand, I also cannot really “hang out” with my co-workers, because the majority of them go directly home to their families or have a long commute home. So, I was at a loss of what to do all week, however I came to realize that I actually really need to figure out what I would like to do with my life and instead of being told what to do all the time or following a curriculum, I need to decide for myself. Therefore, I am currently on the search for the missing puzzle pieces of my life.

To end the week and to let out some steam, I decided to go back to visit some friends at my old university where I recently graduated. It was a last minute decision, but it was definitely the highlight of my week. Just last year, I was cooking for my underclassmen friends and inviting them over to my apartment, however it was bittersweet to see them cooking for me this time! The food was delicious and I appreciated every bite of it! During my time there, I literally only stayed for 24 hours, but it was all I needed to feel less “college-sick”. Seeing the familiar faces and getting the chance to play some flag football with my old teammates allowed me to laugh freely and completely de-stress. I can’t wait until the next time I go visit them again! I also got to eat at our local frozen custard shop before I left and truthfully, I wanted to just eat it forever.

Today, all the emotions rushed back.


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