As all good things come to an end, new adventures will begin to sprout. In my world, my new adventures began with me moving into my new apartment.

Since I moved some stuff into my new apartment before I went traveling, I thought that I wouldn’t have too much left to move, but actually… haha. I have a passions for cooking, baking, crafts, decor, plants, aquariums, and a lot more. But I tried to settle down by bringing only what was truly important to me. Even with this thought in mind, I still ended up leaving my baking equipment back at home until next time because I had no more room in my car unfortunately. I guess getting myself and others fat will have to wait.

Thankfully, I had a friend in town that had the time to help me! He was actually just visiting his girlfriend for a few days (she happens to be living in the same exact apartment complex as well!), but he was too nice and offered to help me! I did warn him that I had a lot of stuff and to not judge me when seeing me car. He agreed. Little did I know, my friend was also an expert “unloader of the car”. Yes, i know unloader isn’t a word, but at this time, it is accurate. Anyways, we managed to get everything in two trips with him getting most of the stuff each time, haha. THANK YOU FRIEND. You are amazing. He also helped me unpack a lot of stuff as well, so double points to you!

Anyways, we (my brother, cousin, friend, and I) all went out to dinner and ordered these ginormous sushi rolls! They were so delicious and not too expensive as well! The restaurant is called Now and Zen in Charlottesville, VA, if you’re ever in the area, I’d suggest that you’d give it a go sometime! The sparkling sake was also a surprise and even though I only got a sip, every drop was like magic. Basically liquid dessert.

After dinner, we headed back to my apartment and as I pulled up towards my permitted parking spot, I realized that someone was in my spot! At this time, so many things were going through my head. Usually, someone taking my parking spot wouldn’t have been a problem whatsoever, HOWEVER today was the first day that I got my parking permit and I have to pay $85/month for this specific spot. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I PAY $85/MONTH FOR A NON GUARANTEED PARKING SPOT?!? So, with thoughts of this all being resolved quickly by towing the car, I decided to call the 24 hour number that the apartment complex left me because it was the start of the weekend and the office was closed. The operator did not mention towing, but did say that there were two other spots available for me to park at for the meantime. Even though it was not my spot, I was still fine with it, as long as I had a place to park in the garage. However, I soon came to find the two “available” spots were also occupied. Soooo, I called the number again and she honestly didn’t know what to do, so she said she would call me back. By this time, I was already pretty ticked off because there was absolutely no progress. She then called me back telling me that I could parking in the alley by the entrance of the garage because security told her that they do not tow in that area. I had no other closer options, so I followed what they said, however I felt uncomfortable with parking there because it was not very well lit and my car is basically out in the open by itself near the entrance of the garage where it could possible be hit if drivers didn’t pay attention. I just thought it was so unbelievable that I would not be able to use my parking spot on the first day and it drove me insane thinking that it will probably happen again in the future, often. By the next day, I thought that the car would be out of my spot, but nevertheless, it was still there. I called the 24 hours number once again to ask if I could possible have someone tow the car away. A different operator proceeded to give me the towing company’s number. With no luck, the towing company told me that the property management would have to request it since it is on their property. So, I called the operator again, however she said that they cannot call to tow anyone because they technically are not a part of “management”. After listening to this, I wanted to just key the car that was in my spot, but I held back. I couldn’t believe that we couldn’t do ANYTHING about this car. The funny moment during the conversation was when the operator told me to just park anywhere in the garage. But then, I told her that if I did so, she would probably receive yet another upset phone call from a different individual with the same problem, except this time, I would’ve been that jerk who took their spot. So, I refused to be “that jerk” and parked in the alley again. The “jerk” stayed in my spot for three days in a row, until finally today he left. The apartment complex office is really going to hear it from me tomorrow when they open again…

So during the few days that I have been here, I just unpacked and did a lot of cleaning! I have not had the chance to really talk to my roommates yet, but I have met them all once individually and they seem nice! Since I’ve always known who my roommates were in my past living situations, it kinda feels like i’m a freshman again trying to get to know my random roommates, haha. But, I think I’m finally done cleaning and organizing my belongings. Oh, I also got to cook my first home-cooked meal in my new apartment with my friends. We made bang bang shrimp pasta! It was on point, but the ingredients did require mayo which slightly killed us on the inside but it was well worth. My friends also helped me with folding origami cranes for my bare white walls. I used to have them in my old apartment too, but this time there’s even more!

With everything unpacked and ready to go, I think I am finally ready to start my first official job tomorrow! Life is good currently, and there’s nothing to complain about. I’ll never forgive or forget that jerk though!

I have officially moved.


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