This year I turned the awkward age of 22 and it marked the start of my new life as an alumni, young professional, and beyond.

So, as my adventures winded down, my birthday came up and I was fortunate enough to celebrate it with my relatives in Canada as well as family and friends back at home. My amazing relatives in Canada celebrated my birthday with me the day before, a few hours before my flight back home. After I landed back in the States, my funny friend picked me up from the airport. I say funny because she really is hilarious and we had a few hiccups when she came to pick me up, but it was all good. We later ventured out and went to Nando’s for lunch. I’ve always wanted to get the bottomless frozen yogurt to try it, but never did, so I thought I’d ask what the flavor was before deciding whether or not to get it. As soon as the cashier told us that the flavor was birthday cake, my friend and I both looked at each other in amazement. How could I not get the bottomless froyo now? Funny to say, but I think that moment was the magical moment of the day. Afterwards, I we went to my cousin’s house to hang out until dinner. I was excited to see my cousin because I bought cute little Chinese clothing for her expecting daughter! Later on, we went to the Korean restaurant for my birthday dinner. I was ecstatic to see everyone for dinner and just their shear presence was enough for me.

Although I say this, they still kindly brought me gifts, and upon receiving them, I have realized that I am the most awkward gift receiver ever, haha. I really am completely grateful for the gifts and thoughtful cards/words that I received from each individual, however I just don’t really know how to show it. It has always been this way and I always try to be as thankful as possible at the moment, but I always somehow make the situation awkward. But maybe i’m overthinking it as well?

Anyway, my birthday was filled with great company and delicious food, and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. A lot of traveling during this time, but it was well worth planning everything around according to see everyone’s faces!

Two days later, my best friend also turn 22! So in order to celebrate her birthday with her, I drove back to my house the next day after my birthday. As soon as I got home, I repacked my stuff because she wanted to go to New York for her Birthday. Thus, I was going to be on the road once again! It was actually really tiring, but it was well worth the effort because I hadn’t celebrated her birthday with her in years and I was definitely not going to miss it this year! It was a crazy one day trip, but we made sure to pack the whole day. In the morning, we attended a Dr.Oz recording¬† and we even got a shout out on their instagram! We then proceed to the New York Transit Museum, which was pretty cool. They had all of the old train cars as well as a wealth of information about the New York Transit since the beginning. Next, we went to Hoboken, New Jersey to go to Carlo’s bakery. We both loved baking, so it was a dream come true! We didn’t get to see any of the actual family. but their baked goods were so delicious, especially the mixed berry cheesecake and cannoli! Then lastly, we stopped by this Vietnamese-Thai restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chinatown. It was fate since, my friend tried to look up a Thai restaurant and it happened to be the same location/address as her grandfather’s restaurant back in the day.

The whole day consistent of constant driving and food, but it was incredible! This was going to be my last trip for a while since i start work soon, but I cannot wait until me next adventure.

This summer has been indeed, the most eventful summer I’ve had in a while.

Things are Winding down.


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