Vancouver was the second and last destination of my trip. During my time there, I was with my friends for the first day, and then I spent time with my relatives thereon. Since I have been to Vancouver a few times already, I was quite comfortable and felt like I was already a Vancouver expert (but I clearly am not). All in all, I enjoyed Vancouver very much so and at one point, I wanted to move there as well. The weather was always perfect and since the Asian population there was prominent, it made me feel more at home.

On the first day with my friends, we went to these places:

Sun Sui Wah (Restaurant)

  • The dim sum here was pretty good and the place was pretty popular
  • My relatives (the locals) told me afterwards, that this place is more expensive than others and other local places would’ve been a better deal

Stanley Park (Attraction)

  • We got to see totem poles & walked towards the waterside!
  • There were many parts to the park and we just drove & parked towards the tip of the location.
  • The weather was perfect and we even got to see some people fish.
  • There were a lot of couples taking their wedding photos as well.

Japadog (Restaurant)

  • They sold various types of hot dogs with Japanese toppings
  • Always so good, however a little pricey!

Leisure Tea & Coffee (Cafe)

  • It was a very cute cafe that offered different types of desserts and drinks
  • The desserts were delicious and not too sweet
  • However, the service was a little slow

Diaso (Store)

  • Also known as the “Japanese Dollar Store” (All items were $2, unless stated otherwise)
  • I always purchase so much cute but useless things, BUT I think i learned how to control myself this round, haha

Richmond Night Market (Market)

  • Since there are no Night Markets close to where I live, it always amazes me every time I go!
  • The food was a little pricey, but it was so worth it!
  • Since you could haggle with the shops, we could also get reasonable deals at times
    • Reasonable for us, but perhaps we could’ve gotten them even cheaper!

After the first day, I mainly hung out with my niece. She had grown so much in a year, and she was so mature for her age! I also had the chance to hang out with my nephews that are my age, however they both had work and previous engagements, so I didn’t see them as much. But during the rest of my stay in Vancouver, it gave me time to really see and think about the lifestyles of individuals from other areas. For example, Vancouver comprises of primarily wealthy Asian and Indian populations. Whereas, where I live, there are mainly middle-class Caucasians and African Americans. Even though I grew up with different races while being a part of a minority, I was always treated differently, even if it was not intentional. There were always chances for me to blend in more with the crowds, however at times, I refused to because I was intrigued with my culture and I was craving to learn more about it. With this said, I felt comfortable in Vancouver with so many Asians around and I felt like I finally found my crowd. However, I do not speak my language’s main dialect nor know how to read or write because it was not really readily available where I grew up and my parents did not have the time to personally teach me. So, would I really fit in with the Vancouver crowd at this point? I have had many self conflicts relating to this since I was young because one day my father told me, “How can you be Chinese, if you cannot speak, read, or write your own language?”. I had come to the realization that what he said was true, but I also realized that I am forgetting my other half. American. Yes, I am Chinese by blood, but I was born as an American as well. ( I guess this was a little hard for my parents to understand as well since they were born in China) When I was younger, I wanted to change or rewrite my life because of expectations, however I have come to really appreciate my life for who I am. Even though I had a hard time finding a place where I “fit in”, I appreciate my parents and everyone around me that influenced my life. I cannot really complain about “fitting in” because I have been provided with a solid education and unconditional support and love from my family and friends. I feel like wherever I choose to go and whomever I encounter with in the future, I will be alright because I will just be myself. I will not be bothered with “fitting in” any longer, but finding and being around people with alike minds would be great. I had always heard phrases like “Be yourself”, however I always found this very challenging in more than one way. I am sure I am not the only one who goes through this phase, however I wish I had passed it a little faster because the stress was just unnecessary.

On the other hand, I always believed that the West Coast was always more free than the East Coast. I came across a YouTube video that compared and contrasted lifestyles, and it kinda reaffirmed my thoughts. Yes, both place have their positives and negatives, however I really do believe that the East Coast is more strict. On top of that, having Asian parents do not help either.

But anyways, Vancouver was great and I always love going back! It is definitely a place where I love to go eat authentic and traditional foods! Also since 1 Canadian dollar equates to 1.3 American dollars, everything was almost 30% off, hehe.

Here is a video of my trip! đŸ™‚
2015 Seattle & Vancouver Adventures

Today, I thought about the differences.


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