My Seattle & Vancouver adventure has come to an end and I’m so glad I chose to pursue this trip with a few close friends! Both of the destinations had so much character and it was hard to fully absorb all that each place had to offer. Where do I even begin…

After spending only 1.5 days in Seattle, my curiosity of the city turned into admiration pretty quickly.  I was amazed to see such a charming city be surrounded by endless green. The area had a great mixture of different cultures, nature, and lifestyles. As a person who loves food and brunch, there were also many different options and places to choose from. The city itself, seems like a booming scene that will continue to attract people of all ages and backgrounds and I am curious to see how the city will flourish over the next few years.

Here is a list of the places we went to & what I thought of them!
Obbar Pocha (Korean Restaurant)

  • My friend got a soup that came in a Korean military styled set and It was actually pretty cool!
  • The rice burger was also pretty good!
    • There was a lot of rice for each bun, so I was completely filled!

Tilikum Place Cafe (Brunch)

  • I’ve never had baked egg before, BUT I will definitely have more now!! haha
    • The baked egg at Tilikum was amazing and I cannot describe how smooth it was!
    • The flavors were light, however it had a perfect balance with the dish overall!

Space Needle (Attraction)

  • This was the second time I’ve ever been to the space needle, and both times, it was of course, cloudy. haha.
  • Truthfully, it is always spectacular to have a view of a city from above, however with both times being cloudy and grey, I am not too sure if I enjoyed this.
  • If you want a breathtaking view of the city/skyline, go to kerry park at night, or during the day if you please! I will be mentioning this place later on!

Chihuly Glass & Garden (Attraction)

  • This attraction was right next to the space needle & it was beautiful!
  • The glass works seemed almost impossible and it took magnificent to a whole new level!
  • The attraction was filled with playful and elegant shapes as well as vibrant colors.

Pike Place (Public Market/Attraction)

  • I’ve been to plenty of different public markets before, however I think Pike Place definitely took the lead!
  • From the fresh foods to the local artisans, everything was very well put together, except for the crowds (to be expected, cause it’s so amazing there! haha)
  • The people there were also very open and the food was on point!
  • Lastly, I’d like to mention how inexpensive the flowers were & how it was pretty cool to enter into the first Starbucks!

Gum Wall (Attraction)

  • It smelled of and was literally a wall of gum. Actually it was an alley of gum.
  • Colorful but kinda nasty. haha

Shiro’s Sushi (Restaurant)

  • I actually did not know of this place, however luckily one of my friends booked a reservation for dinner ahead of time!
  • It was a simple, but tasteful shop and our waiter gave us his realistic opinions and recommendations.
  • It was the most I’ve ever spent on sushi and every penny was worth it! I’d recommend the Premium Sushi Omakase.

Kerry Park (Skyline View)

  • To end the day, we went to Kerry Park to see a Skyline View of Seattle.
  • It was definitely worth going, and honestly, I enjoyed this more than the space needle!
  • Even though my camera couldn’t do the view justice, I will never forget the amazing sights at night!

Overall, I think Seattle was amazing and I cannot wait to go back! The food, people, and atmosphere were all inviting. I think i gained a lot of weight just going to this one city, however the adventures continue on in Vancouver!

I shall talk about Vancouver on my next post since this one was so long!

Stepping away from reality allowed me to breathe.


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