It has been exactly a week since my last post! This past week has just been filled with relaxation as well as preparation.

So, after I got my wisdom teeth pulled out, my best friend hung out with me all week. She was very considerate and brought soup as well as pudding to my house since I couldn’t chew. During times like these, I really do appreciate our friendship of 13+ years and her sticking with me through thick and thin. I haven’t exactly been the most communicative friend to her since I attended college 4 hours away, but every time I returned back to my hometown, she was always ready to hang out and catch up. I love the feeling when you meet up with someone after a long time and after talking for a little while, it didn’t even feel like you were ever apart.

My friend and I did our “usuals” throughout the week. Even though it’s almost the same routine for us every time I come back, it never gets old. This is what we usually do when I come back and it’s in no specific order. 🙂

  1. Watch Bridesmaids (I think we’ve seen this like 23049823049283 times, haha)
  2. Visit our friend at the Froyo Shop (He’s always sarcastically welcoming)
  3. Window shop at target (We loveeee this place)
  4. Get mexican together (We mainly go for the “white sauce” and chips. If you don’t know what that is, you’re missing out!)
  5. Occasional Pedicure (We like to treat ourselves from time to time 🙂 )
  6. Catch up and reminiscence (At the end, we always laugh at the crazy events)
  7. Bake or cook together (We love foood!)

But besides hanging out with my best friend, I also had pack for not only my upcoming Seattle trip, but also for my move in to my new apartment! I packed a good amount of stuff to bring over to my new apartment and luckily I had the help of my mom and brother during my move! Unfortunately, I still have a lot to move after I come back from my Seattle trip. But at least my apartment seems pretty nice and my roommates were pretty chill. I think i’ll come to like the place more after I’ve settled in.

Lastly, I have packed for my Seattle trip! Well, not completely yet, since I always change my mind during the last minute and I always somehow over-pack. I think my mind always over prepares and think of what-if situations, which ultimately fattens up my suitcase. But anyways, I am excited to travel with my good friends to Seattle as well as Vancouver! Hopefully what we’ve planned out will go smoothly, but we shall expect some hiccups.

I am ready to eat, play, and explore!


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