Wisdom teeth extraction. It was finally my turn.

This was the big event of the day and I wasn’t expecting to have them removed so quickly! Since my usual dentist’s whereabouts had become unknown last year, I have not had the time to find a new dentist, thus pushing back my check ups and wisdom teeth tracking.  So, after having a few days of pain (I know I shouldn’t have waited), I finally booked an appointment with my mom’s dentist yesterday. I was expecting to have a normal teeth cleaning done and some x rays to see if my wisdom teeth were growing correctly. However, to my surprise, I only had the x-rays done and soon after, they offered to perform the extraction same day or next day. I was not mentally prepared and to top it off, this office does not offer anesthesia, so I’d be wide awake during the whole procedure. This kinda, really freaked me out at first, so I chose to have it done today instead of yesterday.

To keep myself semi relaxed, I decided to make a playlist to listen to during the extraction. I was terrified at the thought of being wide awake during the whole episode. Sometimes my dad says the funniest things. He said, “I don’t suggest you put on the earbuds because I think the dentist might get mad at you for not concentrating on the procedure.” My dad is a smart man, however sometimes I question him, haha. After numbing the area inside my mouth, I started to believe that it wasn’t so bad after all. However… the dentist had a terribly hard time taking out the first tooth! I didn’t particularly feel any pain inside my mouth when we was trying to take it off since it was numbed but I felt great discomfort with all the different methods of yanking and struggling. I felt like it was never going to come out, especially after watching him change his tools during the one tooth extraction. Yes, i tried closing my eyes during the process, but how can I keep them closed if they were yanking with a struggle. Anyways, this one tooth took the most time and I only had two teeth removed today. The second tooth was a little easier, however the numbing was wearing off and I could feel slight pain when he extracted the bottom tooth. I figured I wouldn’t tell him and man it up since we were almost done.

After the dentist stitched me up, the assistant put my teeth in mini treasure chests for me to take home. I hadn’t seen these in years, but it definitely made my wisdom teeth removal experience a little better. But overall, the experience was totally different from what I imagined. No pain really, but just some freaking out by the fact that I was awake during the whole time. Also, I have to go through it again to remove the other two wisdom teeth in a few months. Joy. At least, I sorta know what to expect.

Aside from that, my best friends came to comfort me at home afterwards with bridesmaids (the movie), soup, pudding, and bath salts! They’re the best & I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else!

Today was painful.


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