Today was just a day of catching up with some good friends over good food!
During lunch, I got the chance to see & chat with my “forever a freshie” friends. They were some of the freshmen from last year that I grew attached to since they were pretty chill and outgoing. I really enjoyed taking them around and seeing their reactions to new things and placed around our university. I hadn’t seen them since graduation and it was great to finally be able to see them before I leave the area. They were both so quirky and funny, and I definitely missed hanging out with them.  Afterwards, we went to a local high school to toss around a football for a little while and eventually parted ways from there. BUT WAITTT! I did get to meet my friend’s cat, sushi! She was so cute, but she seemed a little grumpy at the time. So, I gave her a couple of treats to think of me favorably. haha, I’m not too sure if it worked.

Later on, I continued my foodie adventure onto a place called A&J with another friend. This particular friend is old & wise in many ways (haha don’t kill me for calling you old). During our chat, we reminisced about old times and just laughed about everything.  It is crazy to think that time had flown by so quick and so much has happened. But after thinking about it, we have both learned so many life lessons and our perspective on things have definitely reached new levels. I used to have weekly dates with the chick, however lately it has been monthly, and after I leave this area, who knows what it will be. But I do know that we will definitely stay in touch! It’s always amazing to have those friends that will meet up with you after a long while and catch up like you had just seen each other yesterday.

Throwback Thursday.



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