Beautiful sunny day today & of course pretty hot as well.

It was nice to kick back and completely relax this morning.
Started off the day with a couple episodes of Friends (the show always reminds me of my best friend from home!). Even though it’s old, it still never fails to make me laugh. I remember watching it back when I was in elementary or middle school. When I was young, I thought I understood all the jokes back then, but noooooo there is a lot of mature humor that I am picking up on now as I am re-watching some of the episodes. I wondering if I knew what those lines actually meant back then, or if I was just laughing along with the recorded audience laughter? Oh well, it doesn’t affect my love for the show!

I’m not sure what sparked the idea, but I later decided to make french toast for lunch. I haven’t made french toast since the one occasion I made it with my cousin when we were younger. However, when we made it back then, it was awful and we weren’t sure why. I never made french toast after that one attempt… until now! 🙂 The toast turned our really well and I also cut some sweet peach slices to go with it! I was trying to stay relatively healthy, but I couldn’t resist the nutella add on! It was worth every bite!

After indulging, I felt like I owed my body some sort of exercise. Since living at my cousin’s house, I feel like I have gained weight… but actually though. haha. My cousins and I always joke that there is a curse to whomever lives with them in their house, will gain weight during their stay. Which I have found is… TRUEE! I mean it’s not the fault of the cousins nor the house, but the availability of amazing food is limitless compared to my hometown and college town. And yes, self control and portions are factors as well. I have had more bubble tea these past two months than in my whole life (probably close to it, haha). I definitely love it, but at the same time it is starting to take a toll on me. But anyways, back to today! I decided to take my cousin’s Husky, Odin, out for a run today! I am not sure who is more out of shape, me or him. We both started out great, but by the end, I had to start pep talking him to walk/jog a little faster back to the house. But eh, I don’t blame him. It was rather hot and I’m sure his thick coat wasn’t helping him either.

Lastly, when my cousin got home, we all went out to get $5 gyros! They were good, but I am in love with that Greek restaurant’s fries! Rally’s or Checker’s fries used to be my favorite, but not anymore! If you asked my cousin, she could tell you how much I rave about them. And yes, I know this doesn’t help my weight gain problem, but I won’t be living here for very long, so I must enjoy it while I can! Right?!?

Today was simple.



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