Im done. finished. complete. the end. ta da.

Today I spent some quality time with just my laptop.
The day consisted of me typing, typing, and yes, more typing.

The report that I conquered today was the last barrier that was keeping me away from officially graduating my University. Now, I just have to wait for my final grade for the class & my diploma, which will be coming in the mail in 8 weeks! I cannot wait!

In other good news, I just checked my email and my new apartment lease has been finalized! I will be living in yet another college town, however unfortunately this time I will not be a student. This breaks my heart slightly because I still feel like I am not quite ready for the next big step: the workforce. I guess only time will get me accustomed to the constant changes in life. Time waits for no one I suppose.

As of now, I plan on working full time for about a year or so with the position that was offered to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am completely thankful and grateful that I was offered a position right after graduation, however I feel like this specific position and location wasn’t meant for me. How could I continue to work every day without being satisfied with what I do? If I continued with this type of path, in the long run, I think I would have so many self conflicts that I would grow tired of not only my career, but with myself as well. Since I am a newly grad, I am thinking about the multiple routes that I could take and the possibilities that could open up within each route. However, it seems like the routes either go towards stability(financially) or satisfaction(happiness but risky), and there’s no possibility of both combined. Am I being too greedy? I am unsure at the moment and I cannot help but contemplate the uncertainties of my future.

Currently, I am just going where life takes me. Taking one step at a time and keeping an open mind to anything that may unexpectedly surprise me.

I am simply done with another chapter of my life.


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