Today marks the first Monday after my internship ended and I no longer needed to do my 5am routine to get ready for work! -PHEWWWW- Sleep is one of my few mild addictions in life. It is a time of regeneration, healing, rest, and most importantly, it is the only period of time where the media, stress, gossip, and all other static becomes silent. So, long story short, I slept in and enjoyed every minute of it!

As I rolled around in bed trying to get up, I thought about my agenda for the day and remembered that I had a brunch planned at Superlicious (actually, Eggspectations) with a few friends. One of my friends gave me the wrong restaurant name. haha

Things that usually go through my mind when I have to meet up with friends.

  1. I hope there’s no awkward silences & what should I talk about?
  2. Hmmm, do I look okay today? Do I have day 2 hair? ew.
  3. You’re a lefty, so make sure you sit on the left side!

But anyways, the food was delicious and of course, it was great catching up with them. Since we are now all or have been “alumni” (I am still in denial), we talked about our plans for the shaky future and our memories of the past. Each topic was bittersweet but in the end we always laughed it all off. Truthfully, sometimes I feel like keeping up with conversations at meet-ups is difficult, especially since I may be out of the loop on some things. Thus, I stay silent (or stuff my face with food). If I am not too sure what to say or if I don’t have anything nice to say(The old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all”), then I usually just pull out the silent card and just nod. Yes, uh huh, I gotchu. Thereafter, we spent our remaining time together at a nearby mall. Tsk tsk on me for always spending money, but I couldn’t help myself since the deals kept popping up. After going through the whole mall, we called it a day and we bid each other farewell until the next time one of us sets aside our laziness to plan something again.

The drive was a little more than an hour to get back to my cousin’s place (where I am staying temporarily). My cousin and her husband are the absolute best and their generosity will never be forgotten. Since they are preparing for the arrival of their first child, I am trying to do all that I can to help them. I hope everything will go smoothly for them and as their journey continues on as new parents. Their daughter is a lucky child and as I write more posts, you’ll see how wonderful they are too!

Oh, also I am obsessed with the 11th Dr. Who and I got to try on a fez today. Yes, I nerded out. And yes, nerded is a word.

today was superlicious.


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